VHS to DVD Transfers

VHS to DVD Transfers

Do you have old VHS memories you don’t want to lose? No problem!

 Transferring VHS tapes to DVD is easier than ever today.

1 – 20 Tapes 21 – 49 Tapes 50 + Tapes
30 Minutes 18.00ea 16.00ea 12.00ea
1 Hour 25.00ea 22.00ea 16.00ea
2 Hours 30.00ea 25.00ea 22.00ea
4 Hours 50.00ea 40.00ea 35.00ea

You are only charged for your actual footage on a per tape basis. Example: If you have a one hour tape, but there is only thirty minutes recorded, you would only pay for that thirty minutes.

$10.00 Additional charge for transferring multiple tapes to one DVD.
$10.00 Additional charge if your video is not on VHS format. You will need to supply a player.

 DVD Copies

Quantity Price
1 – 20 9.99ea
21 – 49 8.99ea
50 + 6.99ea.
Additional charges for case artwork.