PC Tune-ups & Optimization

Is your computer slow? Not what it was when you first got it? Are programs loading at the startup that you don’t need? You may need a tune-up!

Our PC Tune-Ups revitalize your PCs performance and stability. We offer 3 different levels; Basic, Premium and Ultimate. Not sure which option is right for you? Contact us now!

Basic Premium Ultimate
Delete Unnecessary Files X X X
Clean Windows Registry X X X
Optimize System Configuration X X X
Accelerate Downloads and Web Surfing X X X
Optimize Appearance X X X
Remove Unnecessary Start-Up Items X X X
Perform Hard Disk Maintenance X X X
Check/Repair Hard Disk Errors X X
Remove all Viruses/Trojans/Backdoor Infections X X
Remove all Spyware/Adware Programs X X
Remove all Malware/Browser Hijacks X X
Inoculate System From 10,000+ Known Threats X
Install Optimized Suite of Security Software X
Lock Down Known Security Holes in System X
Install Critical Fixes for Microsoft Windows and Office® X
Fix All Other Problems (i.e. errors, program issues) X
Price $65.00 $120.00 $150.00

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